About Us

The project and the first Graphic History book will be illustrated by a two-time Emmy Award-winning writer for the television program Sesame Street and whose cartoons have appeared in the Washington Post, The Toronto Star and the Guardian. The book’s writer is a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, The Observer, and The Independent for which he was one of the founding writers. He has a number of books to his credit and has written two previous graphic histories with the cartoonist including the UN for Beginners (1995) and the 2017 UNtold: The Real Story of the United Nations in Peace and War. He is an associate professor at the Bard Centre for Globalization and International Affairs. The project also has a working research team comprising the President of a Market Research firm based out of Atlanta, USA, and a Consumer Insights Consultant based in New Delhi, India.

“To many Malaysians, human rights are western values and are antithesis to Asian values because the former give importance to the individual while the latter to community. Furthermore, there is the perception that upholding human rights necessitates pampering to the wants of the individuals. With these two beliefs of human rights, it is not unexpected that the attitudes towards human rights of those in authority–in both the private and public sectors–parents and the society at large are generally negative. But, increasingly people, especially the vulnerable groups, are appreciating human rights as they provide them with leverage for a better quality of life.” 

– Chiam Heng Keng, Former head of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia

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